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The Handmade Fair | Ragley

Hi Everyone!

So I'm still beaming from my weekend away in Warwickshire. I was lucky enough to work with my favourites again and Janome at The Handmade Fair, Ragley Hall. This is only the second year the fair has been at Ragley Hall and my gosh, the turn out is fantastic!

Please don't let the picture of the famous wicker bear fool you, it was an extremely sunny weekend! I brought a few handmade outfit options, and made sure I saved my warmest (Mila Dungarees and a Peak T-shirt) for the Sunday as the forecast was windy, overcast and cold. But guess what? Sunday was the hottest day of all! You can never plan for these things. 

Marigold Hack - Paper Bag & Bow

Hi Everyone!

So it's time for another Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post, this month's is a Candy Pink Viscose Marigold Trouser Hack - Dreamy! I know I've been making a lot from this Tilly and the Buttons Pattern. But I really do just love making it. 

Handmade Fair, Ragley Hall - WINNERS

Hi Everyone,

So all my ticket winners have now been contacted. And the 5 pairs of tickets to The Handmade Fair in Ragley, Warwickshire went to:

Ann Marshall
Amanda Coward
Wendy Turner
Leigh Tamsitt
Lisa Shouler

Kirstie holding my Handmade Fair Cushion piece at Hampton Court 2016. 

Can't wait to see you all! Thank you to everyone who entered. I'll be doing a giveaway for tickets to Bowood soon. 

Happy Handmade!

DIY - Suzy Magazine

Hi Everyone, 

Just wanted to share with you a few pictures, which I was lucky enough to have featured in Suzy Magazine. If you haven't ever got a copy - you need to. It's great for dressmakers, packed full of inspiration and pattern previews. And yours truly is in Issue 5 to show you how to revamp your old plain jumpers into cool works of textile art!

So make sure you grab a copy and check it out. This issue has some great handmade outfit ideas too. I'm off to order all the patterns I now 'need'! 

Happy Handmade!

Frankie and Freya

Hi Everyone!

So I wanted to share with you some new makes. I recently got Tilly Walnes' new book; Stretch! and let me tell you it's amazing. We all know how much I raved about Wendy Ward's Knitted Fabrics book recently, and now I'll add 'Stretch!' to the 'best books ever' mix. 

So as I was so excited about all the patterns, I made three tops. The first two being the Frankie Baseball Tee. Now, the first one I made in the size smaller as I thought a raglan sleeve fitted top would be nice. It's ok, but the second one I made in the size it recommends is so much better. So don't make that mistake!